Turkish Angora History

Turkish Angoras are one of the most elegant of all cat breeds.  It is said that the breed originated in the mountains of Turkey, where it developed its soft, medium-long coat for protection against the harsh winters.  


Turkish Angoras are one of the most outgoing and affectionate of all cat breeds. They are  intelligent, extremely adaptable, loving and playful, often considered "dog-like", which makes them an excellent choice for families with young children, and lively companions for senior adults. In fact, they readily accept dogs as shown here. The Turkish Angora’s soft, silky coat rarely mats and requires only minimal grooming.   


In the 1950s, at the Ankara Zoo, the Turkish Angora was discovered by American servicemen and re-introduced to the cat fancy. All Turkish Angoras registered by CFA must be able to trace their ancestry back to Turkey.


Although the first import on record arrived in the U.S. in 1954, it was not until the mid-1960s that the breed became numerous enough to seek recognition from CFA. White Turkish Angoras were accepted for registration in 1968, for Provisional Breed competition in 1970, and for Champion-ship competition in 1972. The first CFA grand champion, GC NoRuz Kristal of Azima, came in 1976. However, it took another two years before colored Turkish Angoras were permitted to compete in Championship with their all-white siblings.


While whites are still very popular today, Turkish Angora breeders have focused increasingly on colored cats. More and more people are realizing how lovely these lithe, elegant creatures look in other colors. Kaeleron has produced Turkish Angoras in a variety of colors including black, blue, red and cream; in tortoiseshell or blue-cream; in classic, mackerel and spotted tabbies of many colors; and bi-colored cats in any of these colors with white.  Kaeleron has is one of the few breeders who have produced smoke and shaded colors as well. 





Kaeleron History


Considered one of the nations top Turkish Angora catteries, Kaeleron  was established in 1996.  Located on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Kaeleron's Turkish Angoras are national championship quality cats known for their sweet dispositions.  


Kaeleron Turkish Angoras have been extremely successful on the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) show circuit.  Kaeleron is home to the first colored National Breed Winner  - Grand Champion (GC), Regional Champion (RW), Breed Winner (BW) Azima's Rebecca Dew of Kaeleron.  In 2001-2002 Kaeleron had the CFA's Best and Second Best of Breed Nationally, GC, BW, RW Kaeleron Killian's Irish Red, also Southern Regions 20th Best Cat, and GC, RW Kaeleron's Balleybofey, Southern Region's 17th Best Kitten. To finish off the sweep of the Southern Region breed winners, Kaeleron also had Third Best of Breed, Kaeleron's Kiss the Girls, a blue-eyed white male.  See our show cats page for more on Kaeleron's cats.


Kaeleron kittens are raised in a loving family atmosphere. All of Kaeleron's Turkish Angoras have wonderful personality and get along with everyone. They are especially good with children, dogs, the elderly and those with disabilities. They have even swayed some of the most avid dog lovers to become Turkish Angora Lovers. While Turkish Angoras are most commonly white, Kaeleron specializes in the more unusual colors that are becoming more and more popular among the Turkish Angora lovers.


We are a CFA registered cattery and recommend visiting the CFA web page to learn more about the Turkish Angora breed.


If you are interested in a kitten or a retired show cat looking for a good home, please see our kitten page for availability.  Contact us by email.


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